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The Hi-Hat Foot

The Hi-Hat Foot

By: garey williams

The Hi-Hat Foot was written to help drummers develop grooves and a solid foundation of four-way coordination in the rock, funk, and R&B styles. The wide variety of groove exercises help explain and develop coordination in 8th- and 16th-note grooves. Five of the most important left-foot hi-hat patterns are included, as well as timing exercises that involve playing on beats 1 and 3, 2 and 4, quarter notes, eighth notes, and “off” beats. The book is written for the intermediate student, yet accessible to beginners as well.

The included MP3 disc contains demonstrations of many of the exercises, set-up to allow students to play-along. Discussions on the importance of listening to develop musical drumming vocabulary, pedal techniques, posture, how to position the drums and cymbals for the greatest ease in playing, and the importance of playing with music and other musicians are included for a well-rounded approach to playing drumset. A practice chart and extensive guidelines on how to practice are also included.

Author Garey Williams is an active educator and performing artist who has been published and reviewed in Rhythm Magazine, Modern Drummer, Percussive Notes, Fuse Magazine, and Band World. In addition, he has also been featured in numerous international, national and regional publications. He does various freelance recording and performing projects, and performs with his jazz fusion trio, Ecstasy in Numbers. Garey is also a clinician for Vic Firth sticks and mallets, Sabian cymbals, DW Drums, Remo drumheads, and Latin Percussion products.



Groove Facility

Groove Facility

By: dom famularo and rob hirons

With Groove Facility, Dom Famularo and Rob Hirons show you the path to creating a complete vocabulary of funky and effective contemporary drumset grooves. By using one-beat components arranged in different orders, the book will have you playing modern-sounding grooves right away. What really sets the book apart, however, is the clear explanation of the motions needed to execute these patterns—information that has never been included in a groove-based drum book before.

Drawing on the explanations and systems presented in It’s Your Move (Dom Famularo), the authors show you how to apply Moeller and free stroke motions in a relaxed way in order to create the sound you want while grooving on the drumset.

The included data disc includes 22 QuickTime move clips that clearly show the motions and groove concepts taught in the book, along with 4 original play-along tracks which are designed for applying your new grooves.

“This book illustrates a very important and modern learning tool: the presentation of technique within the context of a musical idea. The material ranges from basic to challenging and is an excellent vocabulary builder. 5 stars!” - David Garibali (funk drumming legend with Tower of Power, author of Future Sounds, The Code of Funk, and The Funky Beat)


Open Handed Playing vol.2

Open-Handed Playing: A Step Beyond vol.2

By: dom famularo and claus hessler

A follow-up to the popular first volume, Open-Handed Playing Vol. 2: A Step Beyond gives you a groundbreaking step-by-step approach to incorporate this cutting-edge style into your playing.

By using linear and rudimental approaches, this book allows any drummer to immediately begin to incorporate an open-handed approach into their playing— even a drummer who has always played with crossed hands. This is because the linear and rudimental patterns presented in the book will be familiar to both right-handed and left-handed players. Open-Handed Playing: A Step Beyond not only gets you to apply these approaches to avoiding crossing your hands, but provides an incredibly creative and funky set of new tools to build any drummer’s vocabulary.


  • Audio CD featuring 8 new play-along tracks.
  • Funky linear stickings and grooves.
  • Creative rudimental patterns applied to the drumset.
  • Forewords by Simon Phillips, Kenny Aronoff, and Will Kennedy.

Whether you decide to completely convert to open-handed playing, or just select certain concepts from this book, you’ll find many useful ideas for your own artistic expression in Open-Handed Playing: A Step Beyond.



Drumset Duets

By: dom famularo with stephane chamberland

Drumset Duets is the perfect way to make music with another drummer! Containing 100 different 2-bar duets, the book is perfect for teachers to use with students, and for friends to play with each other. Each duet consists of a 2-bar “A” pattern to be played by the first drummer, and a complementary 2-bar “B” pattern to be played by the second drummer—and all the pattenrs have been designed by Dom Famularo to sound like one great unison groove when played together.

The accompanying MP3 disc contains both “A” and “B” grooves recorded individually, so that you can practice along with either part, as well as a recorded example of both grooves together.

With Drumset Duets, you can develop your groove and start playing cool, musical grooves with your teacher, students, and friends!

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By: John Favicchia

With Elements, drummer John Favicchia presents you with a comprehensive system to improve your drumming vocabulary, and your ability to improvise with that vocabulary. After presenting you with the Elements- simple one-beat variations of basic 16th-note and triplet rhythms- Favicchia shows you how to practice them in order to expand your abilities and skills in various areas. The exercises contained within the book show you how to apply the Elements in ways that will allow you to:

- Execute accent figures in any place in the measure.
- Play accents in any desired position combined with double stroke rolls.
- Orchestrate all your ideas in more creative ways around the kit.
- Improvise with much more freedom, both in your choice of rhythms and orchestrations on the kit.
- Use the Elements to create more variety in your drum fills.
- Be able to recognize and execute any given ensemble figure encountered on a chart.
- Solo around the hits while playing with a band, no matter where the hits fall.

A separate section deals with using the Elements to increase your four-limb independence while grooving. Also included is a MP3/data disc that is jam-packed with music to assist you in learning how to apply the Elements. There are 20 play-along bass track loops in nearly every style from rock to Latin, along with 8 complete play-along tracks-from easy to very advanced- that contain all the musical context in which to practice applying the Elements in grooves, fills, ensemble figures, and solos.

As an added bonus, note-for-note transcriptions from Favicchia's Dharma CD are included, illustrating exactly how the author applies these concepts in his own exciting style of drumming.

Click here to read an interview with Elements author John Favicchia

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Pedal Control

Pedal Control

By: Dom Famularo & Joe Bergamini with Stephane Chamberland

With Pedal Control, renowned educators Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini have teamed up to bring you a complete method for improving the ability of your feet on the drumset. Unlike many other books, Pedal Control contains extensive information about the actual pedal strokes and techniques used by some of the world's top drummers, in addition to dozens of exercises to build up the ability to use these techniques.
    The books contains dozens of photographs clearly demonstrating each of the four different pedal techniques discussed, as well as the motions for various other exercises. Also included is an MP3/data disc containing over 200 tracks demonstrating nearly every example in the book, and high quality QuickTime videos showing all the pedal stroke techniques!

Click Here to read a review from Modern Drummer!

Book + MP3/QuickTime Audio/Video Disc

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Eight Note Rock

Eighth Note Rock and Beyond

By: Dom Famularo & Glen Celgia

A complete method for developing basic groove vocabulary on the drumset, Eighth-Note Rock and Beyond contains a clearly organized and systematic approach to learning the basic beats that drive rock, funk, and R&B. The 145 beats contained in the book are organized according to difficulty and rhythmic structure, and include hi-hat and ride cymbal variations that can be used by the more advanced player to expand his or her vocabulary. This book represents a fun, logical and up-to-date addition to entry and intermediate level drumset literature.

All of the 145 grooves are demonstrated on the included MP3 CD!

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The Weaker Side

The Weaker Side

By: Dom Famularo & Stephane Chamberland

This book addresses the age-old challenge faced by every drummer: how to get the weaker hand and foot closer in skill and dexterity to the stronger side. Using a comprehensive step-by-step set of rhythms, this 52-page book is designed to be practiced one page per week, giving an intensive one-year training session to strengthen the weaker side. The stickings and notation are designed to allow easy use by both right-handed and left-handed drummers. Broken triplet and 16th-note patterns, as well as flam patterns, are utilized in the exercises.

The Weaker Side will help you take your technique to the next level!

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Open Handed Playing

Open Handed Playing

By: Dom Famularo & Claus Hessler

This groundbreaking book offers a step-by-step approach for drummers of all styles to learn and apply the concept of open-handed playing on the modern drumset. Based on concepts developed by teaching great Jim Chapin and fusion legend Billy Cobham, Open-Handed Playing not only outlines all the benefits of avoiding the crossing of hands when playing the drumset, but provides an incredibly detailed, complete, and approachable method for learning this technique.

Applied by world-class drummers such as Billy Cobham, Simon Phillips, Will Kennedy, Carter Beauford, Mike Bordin, and authors Claus Hessler and Dom Famularo, the open-handed approach is one of the most exciting concepts in drumming, and is catching on with students and professionals alike worldwide. Now, for the first time, this special concept is explained and taught in detail.

The accompanying CD contains four fusion-style play along tracks (mixed with drums, without drums with click, and without drums without click) for you to apply the concepts contained in the book

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